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Chevron family of premium products

Being part of the Chevron family enables you to carry a complete line of quality
lubricants, transmission fluids and fuel additives that meet or exceed major OEM
specifications through the Havoline, Delo® and Techron® brands. Get started today.

Limited product warranty Limited product warranty



We stand behind our products 

All Chevron products are backed by our Chevron Limited
Product Warranty to provide even more confidence in the
safety and reliability of the products you put in your
customers’ vehicles. It’s our quality promise. 

Improve operational efficiency with Chevron PitPack®

There is no better way to manage SKU complexity than with our high-quality
PitPack packaging and racking system.

PitPack features:
Frees up working capital
Less residual oil wasted
89% less plastic waste
More environmentally responsible
Improves shop organization
6-quart transfer jug
Man at Chevron PitPack Rack Man at Chevron PitPack Rack
Become a Chevron Havoline xpress lube owner