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Landwehr Construction Landwehr Construction

Landwehr counts on Delo® 400 XLE 15W-40 and Delo 400 XLE 10W-30 for year-round protection in tough operating conditions 

Jerry Schaff Jerry Schaff

Harlow’s relies on Delo® 400 XSP 5W-40 to keep its fleet on the road whether it’s -30°F or 100°F


Madsen farms Madsen farms

Madsen Farms relies on Delo® 400 SDE 15W-40 to keep their equipment running when every second counts

Ramler Trucking relies on Delo® 400 XLE 15W-40 to keep its fleet running longer, even in the most severe Minnesota conditions


Brenny counts on Delo® 400 XLE 10W-30 to keep their fleet on the road—even on the coldest Minnesota mornings


Video Testimonials

Kokosing construction Kokosing construction

Kokosing Construction: 

End-to-end protection with Delo

Boaty's transport Boaty's transport

Boaty's Transport Teardown

See the results

Hogue motor company Hogue motor company

Hoge Motor Company:

Trust their fleet to Delo

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