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Techron® Named Best Fuel Additive in Autoweek's 2019 Readers' Choice Awards

Techron Named Boating Industry 2019 Top Product 


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Our experts explain what Techron® does, why engines need it and how it helps improve engine performance.

about us about us

About us

Learn more about the cutting-edge history of Techron's® development and leadership in fuel additives.

The sound of clean The sound of clean

The sound of clean

Clean is easy to see on the outside of your car, but it’s nearly impossible to see carbon build-up on fuel system components deep inside your engine.  That’s why you need to listen to the unique sounds of your engine to diagnose a potential problem, and solve it. Listen to our master vocalist to discover the sound of Techron Clean.

Fuel Gauge

Rising fuel gauge? Want better fuel economy? See how Techron® can help.

Lenny Lenny

Lenny Rudow

How to winterize your boat's fuel system using Techron® Marine

Gerry Gerry

Captain Gerry

How to maintain a healthy fuel system all season long

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