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Introducing the new Chevron xpress lube program that gives qualifying quick lube owners the power of leveraging the strength, awareness and trust that comes along with the Chevron brand while maintaining operating control of your business. 



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Transform your facility  

Already have a clean, quality quick lube facility but need a new image? Attract a new base of customers that have come to know Chevron through our network of retail fuel stations, by providing the trust and quality assurance that comes with Chevron brand and our reputation in the community. 

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High level of customer 

satisfaction and brand image


Ensuring a high-level of customer satisfaction and brand image is a standard we expect from independently owned and operated Chevron xpress lube businesses. To sustain the high regard that consumers have for the Chevron brand, we created the Xpress Lube Shopper™ program to ensure that all Chevron xpress lube locations maintain a high-level of customer satisfaction with each oil change, including compliance with brand image standards. Built on decades of customer satisfaction and image management experience, the Xpress Lube Shopper™ program is unique to a non-franchise, royalty free branded quick lube program.





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Leverage Chevron's brand equity 



Chevron brand awareness is aided by a large network of branded Chevron retail fuel stations. The affinity the brand has created with consumers over decades creates a positive halo effect for Chevron xpress lube business owners in these core states.  


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Meet the family of products

Whether it’s the engine, drive train or fuel-system, Chevron is known for quality automotive products that meet and exceed the latest industry standards for engine protection and performance. Chevron xpress lube owners will only install our premium brands, Havoline®, Techron®, and Delo®. Count on our complete line of Havoline passenger car motor oils, automatic transmission fluids, antifreeze/coolants, Techron gasoline and diesel pour-in fuel additives, and Delo heavy duty diesel engine oils. Plus, Chevron’s PitPack® bag-in-the-box packaging solution helps you streamline the way you store and use our Havoline and Delo premium products – and your customers will notice and appreciate that you are using less plastic. As always, our products come hand in hand with our Chevron Limited Product Warranty.  

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Grow your business 


Our knowledgeable industry experts are committed to helping
you grow your business by:


  • Acquiring new customers
  • Increasing car counts
  • Adapting your marketing mix
  • Attracting younger demographics
  • Retaining your loyal base
  • Improving customer satisfaction and reviews 


Work with professionals who can offer business insights grounded in trends and experience, as well as additional resources that can help you achieve your business objectives.