How Hydraulic Fluids Impact Efficiency

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It’s important to get maximum performance and productivity out of your equipment. The role that hydraulic fluids can play in attaining those goals isn’t obvious and may be missing the mark. With most conventional hydraulic fluids, equipment runs less efficiently. Cycle times are longer; energy is lost. Conventional fluids force you to deal with shorter oil life. There’s more heat, more hose breaks, and more threats to your productivity. Premium hydraulic fluids can solve these issues.

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Greater fuel economy Greater fuel economy

See how one company’s $300 yearly investment turned into $9,000 in annual savings

Is your equipment working as hard as it can?


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Improved Energy efficiency Improved Energy efficiency

See how one plastic injection molding 

manufacturer improved their efficiency 

with premium hydraulic fluids.


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Hydraulics Hydraulics

Performance under pressure: How oil 

cleanliness affects pressure efficiency in 

hydraulic systems


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What are some other benefits of Clarity® Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW and Rando® HDZ?










Long Oil Life

Low Toxicity



• Improved response time

• Expanded temperature operating window

• Improved production with the potential to 

   lower energy cost*

• Excellent wear, rust and corrosion protection

• Excellent hydrolytic stability, water separability, 

   foam inhibition, and filterability

• Excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability

• Outstanding ability to withstand oxidation and 

   high operating temperatures and pressures 

   results in maximum service life for the oil

• Very low, acute aquatic toxicity to both fish and

   vertebrates based on tests of water 

   accommodated fractions



• High Viscosity Index (VI) provides minimum 

   change in viscosity over wide operating 

   temperature range


• Excellent wear, rust and corrosion protection

• Excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability

• Excellent water separability, foam inhibition, and 


• High oxidation stability helps contribute to long 

   oil service life in high pressure hydraulic 


* Improved productivity was shown in side-by-side excavator tests of up to 6.2%. Improved fuel efficiency was shown in excavators and in plastic injection machines of up to 4.5% and 5%, respectively. Comparisons were made to typical single grade hydraulic oil.

Product Brochures

Clarity® Synthetic Brochure

Clarity Synthetic brochure Clarity Synthetic brochure

Clarity® Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW is an ashless, synthetic, top-of-the-line hydraulic oil for mobile and industrial applications that helps keep your equipment operating longer, faster and harder.


Rando® HDZ Brochure

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The demands on your equipment, time and bottom line multiply daily. Rando® HDZ helps keep your equipment operating longer, faster and harder, allowing you to extend the time between required maintenance, and reduce or eliminate catastrophic (and expensive) equipment failures.

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LubeWatch Fluid Analysis

Keep your equipment running better longer with LubeWatch® routine testing and analysis

ISOCLEAN® Certified Lubricants Program

Ensure your lubricants meet OEM cleanliness requirements to help minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and extend equipment life.