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Top three reasons to partner with Chevron

Chevron PitPack®

PitPack racks PitPack racks

Save money.  Less waste. Store more oil in less space.

The benefits of using Chevron PitPack

Learn more about the benefits of using Chevron's PitPack oil dispensing system and how it can help save you time, space and money with less waste.

PitPack features:
6 gallon capacity
Large text for easy identification
Colorful labels to differentiate product
No drip nozzle
100% recyclable outer box
Havoline eLearning portal for our professional installers
Exclusive Do-It-For-Me training modules for our existing Havoline business-to-business customers, intended to increase your employees’ knowledge, and improve your customers’ overall experience - helping grow their loyalty to your business!

Havoline/Gas Monkey Garage branded merchandise to incent local premium product promotions

Testing Havoline

From the action to the weather, Las Vegas is a city of extremes. Making it the perfect place to push motor oil to the max. Take a ride with Richard Rawlings and see how HavolineProDS stood up to a leading competitor after 2 years of testing by the Desert Cab Company.


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