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The Chevron LubeTek team is here to provide you with technical 

answers to questions on a broad range of product and related 

issues for all industries and applications.  

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For all technical product requests or to provide product and packaging feedback

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Prior to contacting LubeTek please have available the following information: 

your equipment make and model,  manufacturer’s lubricant specifications from the equipment manual, 

and the full name of product that is currently in-service.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have several products that meet this definition. Please contact us with the make and model of
equipment and compartment product will be going into (i.e. hydraulics, transmission, gearbox)

Bucket, manlift, and/or “cherry picker” trucks have hydraulic systems that require a product that
has high dielectric strength. Our Rando HDZ products have a typical value of 35kv of dielectric strength and are suitable for this application. For compatibility or changeout procedures, please contact us.

Equivalent to an SAE 5W-20 motor oil

Delo Syn-Gear XDM is required for Eaton/Dana/Meritor rear axles that purchased an extended 750,000 mile warranty. If the customer is under standard warranty or outside warranty period, Delo Syn-Gear HD 75W90 can be used. 

Outside of warranty, Delo Syn ATF HD is a suitable replacement. 

API stands for American Petroleum Institute. This organization sets performance standards for each category set in which lubricant manufacturers must adhere to formulate commercial and automotive engine oil products. For example, the latest API category for commercial engine oils is API CK-4. API categories before API CK-4 would be considered “backwards compatible” which means that a product that meets API CK-4 could be used in place of say a previous category such as API CJ-4 or CI-4 Plus.

Delo 400 LE is rated for previous API engine oil category CJ-4. Delo 400 SDE is rated for API CK-4, latest category & is backwards compatible to all other API categories. Delo 400 SDE can be topped off with Delo 400 LE as well.

ISO stands for International Standardization Organization. They are an organization that comes up with the viscosity ratings for industrial oils. VG stands for Viscosity Grade. The number “32” refers to the actual viscosity of the product. This description is very generic and could be a number of product recommendations. We recommend obtaining the make/model of the equipment and current product in the reservoir. Then, contacting us via email with this information. 

Depending on the application, we may have a solution. We recommend obtaining the make/model of the equipment and current product in the reservoir. Then, contacting us via email with this information. 

Yes, both products are rated for using in API SN Plus category or below.

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