Waste Hauler Waste Hauler

Today, waste hauling and recycling fleet management involves selecting the optimal
lubricants to reduce the total cost of operation. That means finding hydraulic and
engine oils that meet all 3 of the equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

The third spec infographic The third spec infographic

Unfortunately, typical new oils do not meet the third spec.

Ready to elevate your program with ISOCLEAN®?

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Western Disposal Western Disposal


Longer lifecycle, less unscheduled maintenance

See how Chevron ISOCLEAN Certified Lubricants are helping waste  
hauler Western Disposal double the life of their oil.


Precision Waste: Trashing the status quo (3 min. read)

Find out how this locally owned, full-service waste solutions provider in Georgia reduced annual lubricant consumption, improved system performance and extended equipment lifecycles by switching to ISOCLEAN Certified Lubricants.

ISOCLEAN Oil cleanliness calculator (try it now)

Use our free, easy tool to estimate possible equipment damage by comparing your current oil cleanliness to the level required to maximize equipment component life.



Why do machines require clean lubricants?

There’s a reason equipment manufacturers set precise oil cleanliness requirements. Find out just how little it takes to contaminate clean oil and how much of an impact it can have on your productivity and component life.


Bumper-to-Bumper Protection


Delo heavy duty engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids and extended life coolants are specially formulated to protect all components and maximize productivity. We’ve got you covered from bumper to bumper.


We can help you get moving

Touch base with one of our representatives today to find out how we can help you start with clean oil to reduce particle contamination and ensure you are maximizing the life of your component.

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