Why Techron®?

Engine pinging and knocking?

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Techron® Named Best Fuel Additive in Autoweek's 2019 Readers' Choice Awards

What people are saying

5 star customer reviews

"Definitely was worthy of purchase. Made a big difference in my car's idle. Will be purchasing more of this for other vehicles that I own."

-Nick W

"Fuel gauge in my SUV stopped working. Followed the directions and dumped it into a fresh tank of gas when I filled up. After about a week the fuel gauge started working again. Seems to do what it claims. Thanks!!"


"I was quite pessimistic that this product would work, however after using it in a tankful of gas in my motorcycle, I must admit the engine runs smoother. I will now buy additional bottles for all my vehicles. Good stuff!"


Boating award


Techron named Boating Industry 2019 Top Product

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The sound of Clean
The sound of clean

Watch how Techron® works deep inside your engine's fuel system.

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Techron® tip #2: Headstart

Slow start slowing you down? See how Techron® can help.

Before and after

Your engine valve feels refreshed after just one tank of Techron® Concentrate Plus Complete Fuel System Cleaner. Cleaning up harmful deposits maximizes engine power and restores lost gas mileage.