Tractor Restoration Competition

What to do for your video

The video submission component of the competition brings your tractor restoration to life with sight, sound and motion. Each official entry is required to have a 3-4 minute video of the team’s tractor restoration.


Have fun with the video and take the viewer through some of the highlights of your project. Be sure to start your tractor and provide a 360 shot of your finished restoration.


Other tips and instructions for the video submission can be found in the Delo Tractor Restoration Competition instruction book. To view past video submissions, visit our YouTube channel.


Each video submission will automatically be entered into the TRC video vote for a chance to win a prize. See official instruction book for details.

Video Guidelines

Delo Tractor Restoration Competition Videos should include the following:


  • A 360 degree walk around of the finished tractor so the judges can see the restoration from all angles
  • The tractor being started from the driver’s seat
  • Operating the tractor in forward (through the gears) and reverseOperation of PTO, brakes, hydraulics, three-point hitch, etc.
  • Show functioning gauges


Besides these critical elements, participants are free to incorporate any other material they want – and as much personality as possible.


The ideal video is no more than 3-4 minutes long. More information about the video guidelines can be found in the official instruction book.