Industrial oils
TALCOR™ OGP-6 Gear Oil
SAE 000
Industrial oils
TALCOR™ OGP-6 Gear Oil
SAE 000

Talcor™ OGP-6 is an adhesive, Open Gear Lubricant free of bitumen, graphite, molybdenum disulphide and other heavy metals.

Its highly refined base oils and stable synthetic thickeners, compounded together with high performance enhancing additives, provide a transparent lubricant film on the gear flanks.

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On highway heavy duty
Off highway heavy duty
Industrial equipment + Machinery
Power generation equipment
Oil & gas equipment
Manufacturing equipment
Cement equipment
Mining equipment-stationary
Injection molding equipment
Steel mills
Paper machines
Product Benefits
Talcor OGP-6 delivers value through:
Ease of maintenance - Excellent adhesion on the gear flanks and easy drainage from gear guards. Transparent lubricant film makes it easier to inspect gear flanks.
Ease of application - Can be dispensed without heating, through conventional spray lubricating systems.
Excellent wear protection - Surpasses the scope of the FZG Test, thus providing excellent lubrication under boundary load conditions.
Stable chemistry - Shear stable synthetic thickeners ensure good mechanical stability whilst in service without packing in the gear teeth roots.
Talcor OGP-6 is designed specifically to be used onexceptionally heavily-loaded, slow moving open gearsthat call for solid-free lubricant.

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