Industrial oils
Regal® SGT
ISO 22
Industrial oils
Regal® SGT
ISO 22

Synthetic polyol ester lubricant for aero derivative stationary based turbines

Regal® SGT 22 is designed for use in modified aviationtype gas turbines in non-aviation stationary applications such as in industrial power generation and in marine service.

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Inland marine equipment
Power generation equipment
Product Benefits
Regal SGT 22 delivers value through:
Excellent oxidation and thermal stability of the synthetic polyolester base fluid and special additive system helps resist oil breakdown under severe, high temperature, high load conditions.
Minimal coking tendency of the synthetic ester base fluid and additive system helps minimize deposit formation on bearings and other areas exposed to the heat of the hot gases. High load carrying capacity helps ensure excellent protection against wear.
Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics of the synthetic ester help promote outstanding low temperature fluidity to facilitate starting at low temperatures, while helping to ensure that an effective lubricant film is always available under the most severe, high temperature conditions to protect critical components against wear.
Regal SGT 22 has well over 2.5 million fired hours with excellent performance. It is designed for modified aviation-type gas turbines exposed to the most severe operating environment innon-aviation applications such as industrial power generation and marine propulsion.

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