Industrial oils
Meropa® Synthetic WM
ISO 320
Industrial oils
Meropa® Synthetic WM
ISO 320

Formulated for lubrication of heavily loaded, enclosed gear drives in industrial applications and wind turbines.

Highly resistant to oxidation and deposit formation for maximum performance, system cleanliness and service life.

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Construction equipment
Mining - off road mobile
Power generation equipment
Oil & gas equipment
Manufacturing equipment
Cement equipment
Mining equipment-stationary
Injection molding equipment
Steel mills
Circulating equipment
Paper machines
Product Benefits
Meropa Synthetic WM offers excellent protection for wind turbine gear boxes, mobile and general industrial enclosed gear and drive systems operating in a wide variety of severe applications where water contamination and elevated temperatures will cause lubrication failure in conventional oils
High viscosity index offers exceptionally low viscosity perfromance in very low temperature start-ups
Stable chemistry helps provide outstanding thermal stability at elevated temperatures.
Highly resistent to oxidation and deposit formation.
Excellent foam suppression and highly resistent to water contamination, demulsifying water and rapidly separating it, ready for removal from the system.
Non-corrosive to steel, copper, bronze, babbit and nickel cadmium, and offers excellent high level rust and corrosion protection over very long service periods.
Recommended for the lubrication of heavily loaded enclosed gear drives and speed reducers driven by wind turbines, fractional horsepower motors and large high horsepower units in heavy duty industrial applications.

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