Engine oils, Industrial oils
Capella® P
ISO 68
Engine oils, Industrial oils
Capella® P
ISO 68

Delivers effective wear protection for reciprocating, vane, and screw compressors in ammonia refrigeration systems, and systems using refrigerant R-22 and R-502.

Capella P 68 provides advantages over naphthenic refrigeration oils in the critical performance areas of lubrication, thermal stability, and reduction of oil carryover.

Agriculture equipment
Inland marine equipment
Manufacturing equipment
Product Benefits
Capella P 68 delivers value through:
Minimum oil carryover
Minimal make-up oil is required because this product resists “carryover” to the refrigeration system’s low temperature side.
Minimum sludging and formation of harmful deposits in the high temperature environment of the compressor.
Group II base stock properties allow the oil to maintain a stable viscosity, staying in grade longer than a naphthenic refrigeration oil.
Effective protection for critical parts of the compressor provided by high viscosity index, low foaming tendency, and inherent antiwear properties.
Resistance to thermal degradation can allow customers to extend drain intervals.
"Although designed for use in ammonia refrigeration systems, Capella P 68 is also recommended for use in systems using refrigerant R-22 and R-502 - provided the evaporator temperature is above -32°C (-25°F). It is not recommended for systems using refrigerant R-12 or R-134a."

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