Havoline automatic transmission fluids beat the heat in Las Vegas

2 men working with ATF 2 men working with ATF

Imagine the stress a Las Vegas taxi is under. It’s pretty much operating 24/7. Traffic is stop-and-go. And the temperature routinely exceeds 100o F. Talk about “severe service conditions!” This puts additional stress on today’s automatic transmissions, which are extremely efficient but tend to run hot.


That’s why we chose a Las Vegas taxi fleet to field-test our Havoline® Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF and Havoline® Global Multi-Vehicle ATF products. We pushed each taxi up to 100,000 miles with no flushing or topping off – twice the recommended refill interval for severe service. Check out the results for both the Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF and the Global Multi-Vehicle ATF. See how they perform against factory brands in the grueling Las Vegas heat.


Havoline Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is a fully licensed GM DEXRON®-VI product, the perfect alternative for vehicles that require DEXRON-VI compatibility for warranty purposes. Havoline Global Multi-Vehicle ATF is an alternative for post warranty vehicles that may not require licensed products.  The parts speak for themselves, and all Havoline products are backed by Chevron’s Limited Product Warranty.


Scott Deskin
About the Author: Scott works in driveline technology for Chevron Lubricants: his focus areas are automatic transmission fluids and tractor hydraulic fluids. He has nearly a decade of experience working in these product areas and is working closely with OEMs to develop the next generation of fluids, with a goal of improving energy efficiency. Scott previously worked as a process engineer and pilot-tested catalyst systems for Chevron’s base oil plant in Richmond, California. He also worked in new business development for Chevron Base Oils, with a focus on Gas-to-Liquids technology. Scott has an M.S. in chemical engineering and his graduate research focused on fuel combustion and real-time monitoring of process emissions. He worked in the plastics industry for three years before joining Chevron in 2002.

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