Chevron’s Heavy Duty Natural Gas Engine Demo Program

Test a CNG-Powered Truck with New Cummins X15N™ Engine

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In the next few months, Cummins will ramp up production of the long-anticipated X15N natural gas heavy-duty engine. As we reported last June, the X15N is a near-zero emission, 15-liter engine designed to deliver diesel-like power and performance for heavy duty, long haul applications.


Now, to help fleet operators experience the benefits of CNG fuel technology firsthand, Chevron is acquiring three Class 8 tandem-axle trucks equipped with the Cummins X15N for our customers to road test at no cost. Operators can borrow a truck for the demo for up to 18 calendar days. Chevron will also provide a fueling card to cover the cost of compressed natural gas fuel from our Chevron or Beyond 6 CNG filling stations during the demo period.


This free demo is intended to help customers determine for themselves whether a natural gas vehicle can deliver the drivability, power, and fueling range they need for their operations. Drivers can also experience the ease and convenience of filling up with CNG at any one of Chevron’s 60 stations across the U.S. At the end of the demo, we will ask for feedback on your driving and fueling experience.


Chevron’s X15N demo trucks will be among the first 15-liter, CNG-powered heavy duty vehicles ever to hit the highway. On the lubrication side, these demo trucks will use Chevron Delo® 600 ADF ultra-low ash heavy duty engine oil. In 2023, Cummins officially approved Delo 600 ADF for use in its natural gas engines. Originally formulated to protect against ash buildup in diesel emission control systems, Delo 600 ADF also meets the Cummins mobile natural gas engine oil (MNGEO) specifications for ultra-low ash content. That means fleets with a mix of diesel and CNG-powered trucks only need one type of oil to service both vehicle types. Delo 600 ADF is central to our strategy to deliver “fuel agnostic” lubrication solutions for the mixed fleets of the future.


Chevron believes in the long-term viability of CNG technology as one of many alternatives to petroleum-based fuels. We are committed to a lower-carbon future and a diversified fuel market. And we have backed this commitment with a substantial investment in a CNG fueling network, which we plan to expand to 75+ stations by the end of 2025. We are offering this demo program to further encourage our heavy duty customers to join us on this journey.


There are certain eligibility requirements for the demo program – for example, customers must currently operate a fleet of Class 8 trucks that consume at least 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year, and operate within 10 miles of a Chevron or B6 CNG filling station. The program is planned to launch in May 2024 and will be offered for only a limited time. If you are interested in participating, contact your Chevron Lubricants representative for complete program details, eligibility requirements, application procedures, and terms and conditions.


Allison Farrell
Allison has been in the energy industry for 12 years with a focus on technical sales and continuous improvement. She joined Chevron in 2017, where she spent over 5 years in technical lubricant sales, earned her OMA-1, and worked with oil and gas, petrochemical, and both on- and off-highway customers. She is currently in Renewable Fuel , specifically CNG and Hydrogen, where she supports customers as they navigate the energy transition.

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