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Chevron’s Automotive Installed Team works with all types of automotive customers, from large franchise quick lube operations and tire stores, to car dealers, service stations and single owner-operator general repair garages. When we talk to potential new customers in any of these categories, we hear several common refrains: “My supplier is nice, but their service could be much better,” or “I’d change suppliers, but don’t have time to retrain a new one,” or “It would be great if my supplier could provide me with more assistance with their products so I could better run my business.”


We understand that while many customers may like their suppliers’ products, they don’t like the service and support they are receiving. However, most customers don’t want to deal with the stress, hassle and potential risk of changing suppliers. Simply put: customers may view the pain of change as not being worth the gain.


The lessons we take away from these conversations are that we have to:


1)     Do all we can to make the transition to Chevron hassle-free

2)    Excel at all the behind-the-scenes services, and

3)    Be a company that is easy to do business with 


With this knowledge, we enter into each new sales relationship with a commitment to a service level of excellence. That begins with getting a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs and service expectations. We develop a detailed transition plan designed to introduce Chevron products and our array of support services to mitigate disruption to their business. A key first step in this is working closely with the Chevron Marketer to visit each of the customer’s locations.  


Together, we meet the managers and employees to understand their business and strategize how we can help it grow. We perform lube surveys to: (a) confirm the right product is being used for the right application, and (b) that the shop is carrying all the right products to meet the needs of the market and the objectives of the business.


We properly label bulk oil tanks and confirm the correct Havoline product is in each tank. In addition, to reduce and even eliminate the hassle of managing the oil, Chevron offers our customers inventory management support and simplified ordering, tracking and billing via our online system – Chevron Business Point. And of course, the local Chevron Marketer is there making sure our customers never run out of product (which gets right back to the heart of the service and support level they are receiving).


Our promise to the customer does not end there - training is critical. Chevron provides access to proprietary, mobile-friendly training modules for service technicians, advisors and greeters. Depending on the business, we offer in-house live instruction from a team of Technical Competency Development Specialists. Knowing that the most productive employees are well educated employees, our trainers teach and coach on subjects spanning: products and applications, industry trends and proven techniques on interacting with consumers while they are in the vehicle or walking into the waiting room.


Chevron will offer consultation on a variety of service areas, e.g. site operations, SKU mix and inventory management, sales process discipline, advertising/marketing, etc., specifically to help owners achieve their unique business objectives. From a marketing perspective, we will offer simple consumer offers and preferred partner programs that can be executed locally to help business owners retain customers and acquire new ones.


“If you’re not teaching a business owner something new and challenging the status quo to help take them to another level, you risk being thought of like other branded suppliers,” says Bill Beyerle, Manager, Chevron Automotive Installed Sales.


Our people, products, programs, service and support all give customers reason to make the switch. Chevron represents quality, trust and integrity. For better service and support from a branded oil supplier, look no further than Chevron. We will earn your business every day.



Bill Beyerle
Bill Beyerle is the Automotive Installed Manager for Chevron Lubricants. He specializes in helping automotive repair and quick lube companies improve their profits and reduce expenses. He has over 25 years of experience with Chevron Lubricants in various sales, marketing and customer service roles.

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