Axles and transmissions are evolving. Are you up to speed?

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In the quest to reduce fuel consumption, truck manufacturers are looking beyond the engine and striving for total vehicle efficiency.


The next big gain in fuel economy is likely to come from improved performance of axles and transmissions, including the increased use of automated manual transmissions (AMTs). Truck OEMs are redesigning their driveline components for greater efficiency and, in the case of AMTs, easier drivability and handling.


While these changes should eventually deliver benefits to fleet operators, they may cause some confusion and complexity in the short term. The challenge is that each OEM is designing its own unique axle and transmission components, and therefore they all have different axle and transmission lubricant specifications. In general, truck manufacturers are continuing to move towards lighter viscosity lubricant recommendations to help reduce friction, and improve fuel efficiency. However, the right lubricant for one type of truck may not work across an entire fleet.


At Chevron, we have expanded our Delo® lubricants product line of transmission, axle and gear oils to support this wider range of OEM specifications. We have also put together an axle and transmission lubricant reference guide to help you identify the approved and recommended lubricants for your applications. Our intent is to help you get up to speed on this evolving situation and better understand your lubrication options.


James Booth
About the Author: James Booth graduated from the University of Southampton (UK) with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and Ph.D. in Tribology. James began his career with Chevron 10 years ago in Chevron Oronite Technology, The Netherlands, and later moved to Richmond (Ca, USA), as a formulator within Automotive Engine Oil (AEO) Product Development team. He previously held the position of Americas region AEO Product Qualification Team Leader, and vice-Chair of the American Chemistry Council Product Approval Protocol Task Group. James is currently the Commercial Sector Manager supporting Chevron’s Delo brand and other related lubricants brands.

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