Why make the Smart Change?

More Oil More Oil

20% more oil

The amount of oil you need at

the value you deserve.

Less Plastic Less Plastic

70% less plastic

Saves 4.2 plastic bottles from

going into the waste stream.

Easy to use Easy to use

Easy to use

Smoother, faster,

glug-free pour.

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Havoline products available in the Smart Change box

Havoline ProDS Havoline ProDS

Havoline® ProDS® Full

Synthetic Motor Oil

Ultimate in engine protection

High Mileage High Mileage

Havoline® High Mileage

Motor Oil

For 75,000+ miles 

Havoline Oil Havoline Oil


Motor Oil

 Standard engine protection


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What Smart Change customers are saying

“It's a better value, plus 6 qts is the

exact amount of oil my truck needs

so it's super convenient.”

“The oil came out very easily,

allowing me to use all the oil. It

drained great.”

“Just great all together. Full 6 qts as

needed. Easy to use and eco-friendly.

Absolutely awesome.”

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First and foremost, refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual for the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil viscosity, type and/or specification. Then, consider your driving conditions. If most of your driving entails short trips; stop-and-go rush hour traffic; extreme hot, cold, or dusty climate; and towing, this falls under the severe service definition in the owner's manual. The best protection for severe drivers is a more rigorous service schedule and use of a high-quality, full synthetic motor oil from a trusted brand. The back label on every Smart Change box has a check chart that shows key benefits of different Chevron Havoline motor oils. 

This is the exact same Chevron Havoline premium motor oil and formulations, now in an environmentally responsible, recyclable package—a smarter package!

On the side of the Smart Change box, pull out the window flap to get an idea of how much oil is remaining by gauging the level against the 1 and 2 qt oil level markers on the box. As always, we strongly recommend you check your engine oil dipstick to make sure that you have the correct fluid level for the engine, according to the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Drain as much residual oil from the bag as possible before putting it into the recycling container. Plastic waste that is segregated at the waste transfer station will typically make its way into the manufacture of plastic 2x4s for decking and benches, etc. Recycling practices may differ from state to state and between local municipalities.

Yes. If you pour the oil just as you would from a plastic jug into an oil funnel, you should not get oil on the box. However, if you do, simply tear off the soiled portions and recycle the remaining corrugate.

Yes. First, start with used motor oil that has been cooled to room temperature. Then make sure the spout is well seated into the channel at the top of the box and flip the corrugate flap back down to hold the spout in place. Insert an oil funnel in the spout and carefully pour your cooled used motor oil into the bag and box. Secure the cap and take it to your local used oil recycler.

The plastic bag inside and fitment or nozzle are designed to withstand temperatures in excess of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. If you plan to use the Smart Change box to hold and transport used motor oil to a local recycler, we always recommend for safety purposes that you make sure it is cooled to room temperature.

Go to Walmart.com for more grades for in-store pickup or easy delivery to your home.