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20% More Oil.
70% Less Plastic.

100% Smarter

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6QT = 20% more oil


Why buy 5Qt and 1QT bottles,

when you can get everything you

need in one box? Smart Change

gives you the value you deserve.

Gives you the value you deserve.

6QT = Easy to use


The new box gives you a

smoother, faster, glug-free pour.

And the sturdier design makes

draining used oil totally painless.

6QT = Easy to recycle


With 70% less plastic, it's not

hard to be environmentally

friendly. Simply pour used oil

into the bag and recycle the box.

How to use Smart Change® 

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This is the exact same Chevron Havoline® premium motor oil and formulations, now in an environmentally responsible, recyclable package – a smarter package!

Smart Change® developed in response to three big trends: social, environmental responsibility (less packaging waste in landfills), the sale of more full-size pickups and SUVs that require six or more quarts of oil, and value, consumer demand for buying a larger quantity which typically comes with a lower price per ounce.

The first is value. You get six quarts for roughly the price of a five-quart jug. It also offers: a faster, glug-free pour compared to the five-quart jug, 70% less plastic waste compared to traditional plastic motor oil containers, leaves less residual oil in the bag than six individual quart bottles, and, the corrugate box is 100% recyclable.

Yes. If you pour the oil just as you would from a plastic jug into an oil funnel, you should not get oil on the box. However, if you do, simply tear off the soiled portions and recycle the remaining corrugate.

On the side of the Smart Change® box, pull out the window flap to get an idea of how much oil is remaining using the one- and two-quart oil level markers. As always, it is strongly recommended to use your vehicle’s dip stick to make sure that you have the right oil level in your engine, according to your owners’ manual.

Drain as much residual oil from the bag as possible before putting it into the recycle container. Plastic waste that is segregated at the waste transfer station will typically make its way into the manufacture of plastic 2x4s for decking and benches, etc. Recycling practices may differ from state to state and between local municipalities.

Yes. First, make sure your used motor oil is cooled to room temperature. Place the spout back into the channel at the top of the box and flip the corrugate flap back down to hold it in place. Insert an oil funnel in the spout and slowly pour your cooled used motor oil into the bag and box. Secure the cap and take it to your local used oil recycler.

The plastic bag inside and fitment or nozzle are designed to withstand temperatures in excess of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. If you plan to use the Smart Change® box to hold and transport used motor oil to a local recycler, it is always recommended for safety purposes to make sure it is cooled to room temperature.

Check the chart on the back label of the Smart Change® box that shows the relative performance of Chevron Havoline® motor oils. Havoline high mileage synthetic blend is a well suited for vehicles that have greater than 75,000 miles. Havoline motor oil is for standard engine protection.

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