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Particle contamination is the No. 1 cause of lubricant-related equipment failure, according to industry experts at Noria Corporation. The ISOCLEAN® Cleanliness Calculator can help. Just complete the three easy steps below to get started. Based on your selection of industry type, equipment and component type, and operating conditions, we’ll calculate an estimate of your current ISO Cleanliness Code so you can begin to take the necessary steps needed to redefine clean.

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ISOCLEAN® Cleanliness Calculator

The ISO Cleanliness Code below has been estimated for your equipment. This is an estimate based on general equipment. We recommend you follow your Equipment Manufacturer’s recommendations.


Estimated ISO
 Cleanliness Code


 Extension of equipment
 component life***

Alternative image for typical environment



Estimated ISO
 Cleanliness Code


Equipment Component Lifespan

* Estimate based on general tolerances of equipment
component selected. Recommend following
Equipment Manufacturer’s specifications.


* Estimate based on general tolerances of equipment
component selected. Recommend following
Equipment Manufacturer’s specifications.

*** To maximize the equipment component life extension it is 
important to maintain the level of oil cleanliness though
routine monitoring and maintenance of equipment.

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ISOCLEAN® Certified Lubricants Program basics
Certified clean

Every delivery of ISOCLEAN® Certified Lubricants has been lab-tested using a state of the art process, is certified, and is backed by the Chevron brand. 

Turn-key industry solution to oil cleanliness

Implementation and switchover is quick and easy - our ISOCLEAN® Certified Lubricants Sales Representative will help get you started.

Oil filtered specifically to your ISO Cleanliness requirements

ISOCLEAN® Certified Lubricants are designed to meet critical OEM fluid cleanliness requirements, allowing users to maximize equipment life.  

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What really breaks down when there's contamination?

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ISOCLEAN® Certified Lubricants Program

Ensure your lubricants meet OEM cleanliness requirements to help minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and extend equipment life.

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