Chevron Havoline NOLN column - continued

The New Normal The New Normal

The "New Normal"


The past two years provide many lessons in how
to deal with the unexpected all the time. 

(February 2022)


Being environmentally conscious Being environmentally conscious

Customers Are More
Environmentally Conscious – Are You?

How to align yourbusiness practices with today’s environmentally conscious society. 
(December 2021)


How to compete with Brand-Name Chains How to compete with Brand-Name Chains

How Do You Compete with Brand-Name Chains? 



Learn how to help your business grow and remain
competitive for the long term. (October 2021)


man working on car man working on car

Investing in Your Employees Will Pay Dividends


Learn key tips to help find and keep top-notch, 

quality employees for the long term. 

(August 2021)

men shaking hands men shaking hands

Turn Feedback Into a Positive Experience

How to achieve higher customer retention by 

planning for and responding to feedback. 

(June 2021)


Havoline Products Havoline Products

Maximizing the Value of Manufacturer Promotions

Follow these steps to attract new customers 

and grow your shop’s revenue and profitability.

(April 2021)


Man pouring from Chevron PitPack Rack Man pouring from Chevron PitPack Rack

Smart Inventory Management

How managing your inventory drives customer satisfaction and increases efficiency while reducing waste. (February 2021)


Adding techron to fuel Adding techron to fuel

Fuel Additives are Fine…

Find out the questions you should consider 

before selecting the right aftermarket fuel

additive brand for your shop. (December 2020)

Car on roadway Car on roadway

Are Your Customers “Road Ready?”

Recommendations on how to instill customer 

trust and loyalty through the winter 

months. (October 2020)

Havoline Express Lube Havoline Express Lube

Change for the Better

Customers at Sierra Lube Express welcome new
safety protocols and technology that also help to increase shop efficiency. (August 2020)

Havoline Express Lube Havoline Express Lube

Hitting “Restart” on Your Business

Tips on how to position your business while navigating for success and growth in an 

unchartered future. (June 2020)

Havolline professional with customer Havolline professional with customer

Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Guidance on how to build customer loyalty 

and trust through enhanced customer 

experience in the shop and online. (April 2020)

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