Starplex® EP 0, 00, 1, 2 Greases
Formerly Delo® Starplex
Starplex® EP 0, 00, 1, 2 Greases
Formerly Delo® Starplex

High performance, long-service greases for multi-purpose protection of ball and roller bearings under high temperature and extreme operating conditions.

Protects against wear from shock loading, as well as rust and corrosion from water exposure.

Cement equipment
Agriculture equipment
Mining - off road mobile
Mining equipment-stationary
Pick up trucks/Sprinter vans - gasoline
Pick up trucks/Sprinter vans - diesel
Automobile fleets
Truck fleets
Oil change centers
Medium + large trucks
Light duty and diesel pick up trucks
Waste hauler
Construction equipment
Forestry equipment
Power generation equipment
Oil & gas equipment
Manufacturing equipment
Injection molding equipment
Circulating equipment
Paper machines
Inland marine equipment
Product Benefits
"Starplex EP greases deliver value through: "
Good water resistance
Good rust and corrosion protection, even in wet conditions.
Extreme pressure protection
Protection against shock loading, thus promoting long bearing life.
Outstanding film strength and adhesive properties.
Good low temperature pumpability
Use in the lubrication of:
  • Trucks, tractors, and passenger cars. This includes ball joints, universal joints, chassis points, wheel bearings, water pumps, and fifth wheels.
  • Boat trailer wheel bearings
  • "High temperature disc brake bearing applications "

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