Engine oils, Industrial oils
Chevron TMGL Premium
Engine oils, Industrial oils
Chevron TMGL Premium

Chevron TMGL Premium is a black, adhesive, semi-fluid grease specifically designed for lubrication of traction motor gear cases of diesel-electric locomotives.

It contains a lithium thickener, very high viscosity base fluid and a special EP additive system.

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Product Benefits
Chevron TMGL Premium delivers value through:
Minimized downtime: High film strength and EP additive package protects heavily loaded gears from wear and scuffing.
Good low temperature fluidity offers effective lubrication under cold startup conditions.
Long service life: Excellent oxidation resistance minimizes thickening in high temperature service while high base oil viscosity and adhesiveness minimize the tendency to leak from the gear case.
Enhanced equipment protection: Effective corrosion inhibitors protect gear components from rusting in wet conditions
"Chevron TMGL Premium is recommended for: "
  • Traction motor gear cases (incorporating appropriate seal designs) where semi-fluid grease-type lubricants are specified.
  • Older non-sealed traction motor designs that normally use heavy residual-type gear lubricants,where the higher leakage rate that may result is acceptable.
  • Slow to medium speed industrial gear applications where an EP semi-fluid grease is specified.

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