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Oil particle contamination is the number one cause of lubricant-related breakdowns.
But the majority of typical new mining lubricants are not certified to meet a specific
ISO cleanliness level at the point of delivery. If the new oil you’re buying doesn’t
meet OEM cleanliness specifications at the start, you’re adding more risk up front
that will cost you more to fix when your mining equipment fails later.

Contamination Contamination

What you can’t see can hurt you

Take a deeper look at how oil particle contamination affects mining equipment life to understand the measurement of contamination levels in oil and how relying on conventional filters or trying to pre-filter new oil on location could be putting your equipment at risk.

Hydraulic machinery Hydraulic machinery

ISOCLEAN® Oil cleanliness calculator

Use our free, easy tool to estimate possible equipment damage by comparing your current oil cleanliness to the level required to maximize equipment component life.


Are you ready to start with clean oil?

Why system filters are not enough protection 

The chain reaction that starts with particle contamination
is a scary process, and the impact can be felt far beyond just the parts and
labor costs. Here’s the quick version of how starting with clean oil can help
you begin to reduce contaminant-caused wear.