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Step 1 – CLEAN

Step 2 – CONTROL

Turbines Turbines


See how our holistic approach works from start to finish to defeat varnish and optimize your turbines’ performance.





VARTECH Case study VARTECH Case study

Chevron VARTECH® Industrial System Cleaner Helps Restore SJV Gas Turbine to Maximum Productivity




The VARTECH Solution - Step 1: Clean The VARTECH Solution - Step 1: Clean

The VARTECH® Solution - Step 1: Clean

Varnish is a dark force threatening industrial operations around the world. It is destroying equipment reliability, shattering maintenance budgets, and threatening to bring down operations. 

GST Advantage RO GST Advantage RO

Discover enduring performance, with GST Advantage® RO 

Find out how GST Advantage RO works to protect equipment from varnish, and optimize its performance.

GST Advantage EP GST Advantage EP

Meet the GST® Family of Turbine Oils

Get acquainted with the GST® line of turbine oils to find the products that work best for your operation.

Varnish removal solution Varnish removal solution

Varnish Removal solutions:  How effective are they? 

Learn about some of the key reasons why
existing varnish removal solutions might be

coming up short.


GST Advantage EP GST Advantage EP

Keep your operation moving, with GST Advantage® EP

Take a closer look at how GST Advantage® EP helps control varnish build-up. 


GST Advantage™ RO with VARTECH™ GST Advantage™ RO with VARTECH™

GST Advantage® RO with VARTECH® Technology Protects Against Sludge and Varnish Build-Up


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Varnish Varnish

Mitigating varnish buildup in power generation gas turbines

The good news is there are now lubrication solutions available to help prevent or at least mitigate varnish from forming in your gas turbines.

Woman in lab Woman in lab

LubeWatch® Fluid Analysis Program

Track the performance of your turbine lubricants to optimize equipment life, oil replacement intervals, and help the precise scheduling of maintenance that reduces downtime and the risk of failure.