Understanding our new grease portfolio.

Meet Rykon, our new calcium sulfonate complex grease.

Our new grease portfolio is broken up into different product
categories by thickeners, to help you find what you need easily.
 Learn more about the categories below. 

Thickening Agents Explained

Thickening agents are minerals or synthetic materials that are added to liquid lubricants (base oil) in order to transform the compound into a semi-solid grease form. Different thickening agents create different consistencies of grease.

Calcium Sulfonate Complex

Calcium sulfonate complex greases offer superior attributes in most product performance attributes. They provide outstanding oxidation and thermal stability at higher operating temperatures, as well as water resistance and load carrying properties.

Simple Lithium

Simple Lithium greases are a good general-use product with low-temperature properties such as pumpability and good working stability. It’s good for load-carrying, shear stability and is water resistant

Multifak EP 1 Multifak EP 1
UltraDuty HD 1 UltraDuty HD 1

Lithium Complex

Lithium complex greases provide excellent oxidation and thermal stability performance at high operating temperatures. They provide good water resistance and load carrying properties, but are less effective with cold temperature pumpability.

Starplex Grease EP 1 Starplex Grease EP 1


Polyurea greases are non-metallic with antioxidant capabilities. They provide good thermal stability and high-temperature performance but are less effective for shear stability. Polyurea greases are an ideal choice for sealed-for-life applications. 

BlackPearl EP 1 BlackPearl EP 1


Our specialty category includes our premium grease offerings. These greases provide good shear stability and pumpability at lower temperatures. They demonstrate good water resistance and high temperature performance.

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