Stop aluminum reaction Stop aluminum reaction

Today’s coolant systems can’t rely on legacy technology.

The adverse reaction between unpassivated aluminum and nitrited

coolants is compromising coolant and system performance—and

threatening your operation. Now there's a coolant on the market

purpose-built to protect aluminum systems and keep your

operation moving forward. It’s time for protection with purpose.

The solution is new coolant technology

Engine block Engine block
Watch how new, patented coolant technology stops the aluminum reaction to extend coolant and system life—without having to rely on a radiator conditioner.

Introducing Delo ELC Advanced

Patented formula won’t react negatively with CAB-processed aluminum or chemical residue
Controls temperatures to extend system and coolant life
Backwards compatibility with other coolants and supplemental additives


Extend coolant and system life

Learn how Delo ELC Advanced transforms

coolant technology to help you manage

costs, reduce downtime and advance your operation.

Delo ELC product Delo ELC product
Start extending coolant and system life today