Brand endorsers

Uncommon jobs require uncommon toughness
Lisa Kelly Lisa Kelly

"When I make up my mind to do something, nothing gets in my way"

Lisa Kelly on History® Network's Ice Road Truckers®

Freddy Dodge Freddy Dodge

"I build my own luck out of diesel, steel and sweat"

Freddy Dodge from Discovery’s Gold Rush

Mike papac Mike papac

"It's tough. Some can hack it, some can't."

Mike Papac from History® Network’s Ax Men®


Dale Kitchens Dale Kitchens

"I don't care how hard times get, somebody's gonna survive. And I always plan on that somebody being me."

Dale Kitchens from The Edge of FarmingDelo user since 1978

Delo  products Delo  products
Delo® provides end-to-end protection
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