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Introducing Havoline® PRO-RS™ a top-tier, renewable full synthetic motor oil that includes 25% sustainably sourced plant-based oils.



25% plant base 25% plant base

It's better for cars, and 

better for the environment.


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Better for cars.

Havoline® PRO-RS™ provides uncompromised engine performance.  

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  • Exceeds the latest industry standards5
  • Up to 19% lower volatility than corresponding full synthetic motor oil6
  • Excellent turbocharger efficiency and protection, up to 20% more effective than corresponding full synthetic motor oil2
  • Extreme stress tests show Havoline® PRO-RS™ keeps your engine running efficiently up to 1.3x longer than corresponding full synthetic motor oil2

Superior Fuel Economy Retention

This graph illustrates how Havoline® PRO-RS™ helps to maintain the oil’s original fuel economy benefit  longer than typical full synthetic 

motor oils3


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Better for the environment.

Havoline® PRO-RS™ delivers all the performance benefits of a 

premium full synthetic motor oil, PLUS key environmental benefits: 

  • Lower carbon intensity on a lifecycle basis – up to 37% lower carbon intensity than similar full synthetic oils3
  • Top fuel economy retention2
  • USDA Certified Biobased Product 
  • Outstanding emission control4

Plus Havoline® PRO-RS™ is sold in Chevron’s Smart Change packaging solution that uses 70% less plastic than traditional quart bottles.


Havoline SmartChange box Havoline SmartChange box

Uncompromised engine performance.

Chevron’s next-generation proprietary ECOSTRENGTH™ Technology 

process delivers a high-performance synthetic oil made from renewable feedstocks.  

how it's made how it's made

1. Carbon dioxide, sunlight and nutrients from the soil become fats that are stored in the seeds and fruit pulp of plants


2. The fats from plants are extracted and refined into plant oils, called renewable feedstocks, which are composed of pure hydrocarbon molecules that typically do not include the impurities found in traditional base oils


3. Havoline PRO-RS uses 25% plant-based base oil, derived from the renewable feedstocks, and a key component in formulating the finished product – a premium, renewable full synthetic motor oil


Havoline PRO-RS is certified as a USDA Biobased Product because it’s made with 25% plant-based base oil

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how it performs how it performs
  • Exceeds the latest and most stringent industry and automaker standards, including ILSAC GF-6 / API SP and GM’s dexos1™ Gen 2 specification 


  • Has been proven to maintain the fuel economy benefit it provides longer than typical full synthetic motor oils6


  • Up to 37% lower carbon intensity than corresponding Havoline® PRO-DS® viscosity grade4


  • Improved stability and lower volatility help reduce evaporative loss while in service, maintains oil performance for longer, and reduces oil consumption6


  • Outstanding cleaning power and turbocharger and wear protection, even in cold temperatures


  • Outstanding emission control3

Innovating to keep you moving.

Havoline® PRO-RS™ is the best performing full synthetic in our portfolio.

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Frequently asked questions.

Professional-level + Renewable Synthetic  Builds on existing PRO-DS naming for consistency PRO-DS and PRO-RS are only used for Havoline’s top-tier, premium full synthetic lines

Fuel economy retention refers to the oil’s ability to maintain the fuel economy benefit it provides to your vehicle.  Havoline® PRO-RS™ has been proven to maintain the fuel economy benefit it provides longer than typical full synthetic motor oils.2

Yes!  Havoline® PRO-RS™ has all the performance benefits of a full synthetic motor oil.  It exceeds the latest and most demanding industry and automaker standards and is backed by our Chevron Limited Product Warranty to provide even more confidence in the safety and reliability of the products you put in your vehicle.5

0W-16, 0W-20 (dexos1™ Gen 2 approved), 5W-20, 5W-30 (dexos1™ Gen 2 approved) 

1 Equivalent performance to other full synthetic motor oils    

2 Based on Modified Sequence VIF Fuel Economy Retention Test @ 340 hours using SAE 0W-16; compared against Havoline PRO-DS SAE 0W-16  

3 Based on unsurpassed Sequence IIIHB result on PRO-RS 0W-30.   

4 Lower carbon intensity on a lifecycle basis compared to PRO-DS SAE 0W-20 viscosity grade; lifecycle analysis based only on cradle-to-gate analysis and doesn't include carbon intensity for end-of-life or any in-use aspects of the lifecycle analysis.   

5 Includes ILSAC GF-6/API SP and GM’s dexos™ Gen 2 spec  

6 As demonstrated in less oil consumption in GMOD test when Havoline PRO-RS 0W-20 and Havoline PRO-RS 5W-30 is compared to Havoline PRO-DS 0W-20 and Havoline PRO-DS 5W-30. Based on Noack Volatility performance test using SAE 5W-20; compared against Havoline PRO-DS SAE 5W-20  

7Based on GMTC turbocharge test using SAE 5W- 30 (Turbo Coolant Temperature Increase after 1800 Cycles (%))