How Gas Monkey Garage keeps going

Havoline Garage Monkey car Havoline Garage Monkey car

Take a look at some of the ways Havoline and the Gas Monkey Garage work together.

Havoline family of products Havoline family of products

If Gas Monkey puts its name on a racecar, you know it has to be fast. That's the case with Alex Laughlin's 1300+ horsepower

Gas Monkey Energy Chevrolet Camaro. Currently Alex is Winning Walleys at NHRA Pro Stock races in his Havoline sponsored car.

NHRA and Gas Monkey Garage NHRA and Gas Monkey Garage

NHRA & Havoline

T-Tops with Tony Taylor


Tony Taylor takes Havoline fans on a tour of his top picks of the cars around Gas Monkey

Garage. Check back often for new and exciting content for this Havoline sponsored series.