Tractor Restoration Competition

Enter the 2020 TRC Competition

What You Need to Know to Enter

Transforming a pile of rusty parts into an award-winning, restored tractor is a big challenge. Fortunately, entering your restoration project into the Delo Tractor Restoration Competition is easy and fun.

  • Step 1: Download an instruction book and workbook template
    • Your workbook is your chance to share the story of your unique project. Tell us how you brought the engine back to life, fixed the transmission, decided how to restore the exterior, etc… The instruction book also provides information on the competition and guides you through considerations in the restoration process.
  • Step 2: Complete and Submit a Project Workbook
    • When your workbook is complete and ready for the judges send it to:
    • All entries will receive a confirmation receipt.
  • Step 3: Submit a Video
    • Now that your tractor is fully restored, it’s time to make it a star! While the workbook provides a detailed account of your project, the video (3-4 minutes) submission is your chance to give the judges a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your experience during the restoration and let them see and hear your tractor roar back to life.
    • Click here for video tips
    • Your video must be submitted by the competition deadline.
  • Step 4: Submit a photo
    • One more thing, don’t forget to enter 5 beauty shots of your tractor. Put it in a field, in front of your school, sit in the seat or take the pictures of the tractor by itself.
    • Click here for photo tips.


A panel of expert judges will narrow the initial round of entries to a group of 12 finalists. Judging will be based on the quality of the restoration effort, documentation, and safety precautions. All selected finalists will be invited to the National Finals Competition, held in conjunction with the National FFA Convention. Finalists will make an oral presentation of their project to a panel of four tractor restoration specialists.


Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony held on Thursday night during the week of the FFA Convention in Indianapolis.


The prizes for the Delo Tractor Restoration Competition are:

  • Grand Champion: $10,000
  • Reserve Champion: $5,000
  • Third Place Champion: $3,000
  • Best Presentation Award Recognition: $100 gift card
  • Most Video Votes: Bose® Soundlink® Bluetooth speaker II for each member up to 7
  • Best Photo Contest: Framed print


Example of best photo

best picture best picture