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Diesel Engine Oils

Diesel Engine Oils


Delo 1000 Marine

Delo® 1000 Marine is a high-performance, medium-alkaline, diesel engine oil for medium- and high-speed trunk piston diesel engines.
Available in SAE grades 30, 40

Delo 710 LE

Delo® 710 LE is an industry leading, premium diesel engine oil for use in EMD and GE engines in marine, railroad and power generation applications.
Available in SAE grades 20W-40, 40

Taro Special HT 70

Taro® Special HT 70 is a high performance 70 BN SAE 50 cylinder lubricant intended for lubricating slowspeed engines at very high mechanical and thermal loads.
Available in SAE grade 50

Veritas 800 Marine Oil

Veritas® 800 Marine Oil is a premium crankcase lubricant for slow-speed crosshead diesel engines.
Available in SAE grades 20, 30

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