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Delo 1000 Marine

Delo® 1000 Marine is a high-performance, medium-alkaline, diesel engine oil for medium- and high-speed trunk piston diesel engines.
Available in SAE grades 30, 40

Delo 710 LE

Delo® 710 LE is an industry leading, premium diesel engine oil for use in EMD and GE engines in marine, railroad and power generation applications.
Available in SAE grades 20W-40, 40

Taro Special HT 70

Taro® Special HT 70 is a high performance 70 BN SAE 50 cylinder lubricant intended for lubricating slowspeed engines at very high mechanical and thermal loads.
Available in SAE grade 50

Veritas 800 Marine

Veritas® 800 Marine is a premium crankcase lubricant for slow-speed crosshead diesel engines. Veritas 800 Marine is manufactured from highly refined lubricating oil stocks and has very good anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties. The oil has a moderate level of alkalinity to neutralize acidic combustion products that can enter the crankcase. Special additives give the oil detergent properties which ensure clean crankcases. The combination of detergency and the excellent oxidation stability provides clean piston interiors where oil is used for cooling.
Available in SAE grades 20, 30

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